Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Greece-y Spoon

"For my birthday I want a pinata fulled up with that bread so I can eat it all." - Charlie

The children watched a short documentary as I made dinner, which was pretty much the extent of our study on Greece today. We talked a bit about it, pointed it out on the globe, listened to a little bit of music. The first part of the day was lost in the excitement of a Dollar Tree run to get rewards for sticking with my nighttime-stay-dry-plan, which is going well in the sense that the kids are happily complying with it. One kid is having real success and we are quite excited about that. The other one is going to take a lot of patience, determination and prayer.

Dinner was spanikopita, souvlaki, tzatziki sauce, Greek salad, pita and Portokalia me Meli (oranges drizzled with honey) for dessert. The kids enjoyed making the pita dough and watching me fumble around with getting the spanikopita to look like actual triangles. The meal was delicious and I thought the chicken souvlaki tasted just like the one they serve at the local Greek place we used to frequent before we had children. Miriam stuffed her face with chicken and pita so much that after she ate, she walked away from the table and fell into a heap on the floor saying, "ooooo, my tummy huuurrrts." A far cry from "What is this? It's disgusting. I'm not eating it." We will all look forward to having a Greek night again . . . the food is so scrumptious and nourishing as well.

Links to recipes:


Pita Bread:

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Chicken Souvlaki (I only used the chicken marinade from this recipe.):

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Portokalia me Meli:

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