Friday, August 19, 2011

Who Is Susan and Why Is She So Lazy?

I saw this awesome, amazing, brilliant idea for our markers and other coloring/art supplies on SeeJamieBlog and just had to make one for myself.  All you need to make one for yourself is a lazy susan, cute tins, glue, magnets and about 10 minutes.  Here is the tutorial and my inspiration for this project.  I found tins at Walmart for 97 cents a piece.  If you have banned Walmart from your life (Jeanine, I'm talking to you, haha!), then for goodness sakes, go to Target.  The lazy susan was laying around my school room, broken, and literally being lazy.  I fixed her up and put her to work!

We love this thing and my kids are totally inspired.  My four year old sat for three HOURS coloring yesterday.  It's a homeschool miracle. 
It is really fun to spin! The tins don't fly off because of the magnets!

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  1. I love it!!! I love that it helped inspire some art, and I adore your little owl tins! I want them! :)