Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our School Room On Its Best Behavior

Welcome to our School Room!
School happens all over the house, yard, town and state. 
But this is our school room on its best behavior. 
It gets trashed and rearranged on a regular basis.

The table is covered in maps, a handwriting chart and a hundred chart,
all covered with a clear plastic table cloth
so the kids can use dry erase markers to trace. 
Washable paint comes off in a snap as well.

Glue? Check. Markers? Check. Crayons? Check. Pom pom balls? Check. Popsicle sticks? Check. You get the idea.
Charlie's workboxes live here, on the bottom shelf.
I found some flatware holders in the closet and didn't need them in the kitchen. 
They make a wonderful spot for the colored pencils, scissors and glue sticks.
Bulletin Board area
Here we have the curriculum books, paper supplies, games, light brights,
Classical Conversations resources for tutoring at our co-op, tall books and some other fun things.
This bookshelf holds math manipulatives, Miriam's workboxes, art work,
oversized books and holiday craft ideas.
This is where Miriam and Charlie put their workbox labels as they finish each box throughout the day.
The music nook in the living room is a favorite spot. 
They have shakers, tin whistles, recorders, all kinds of things.

This is our overflow bookshelf off the kitchen. 

Hubby bought school desks from a public school auction and we find they serve our purposes perfectly as mini-shelves.  This on holds puzzles, Bob Books and the globe.  I recently moved the globe from the school room so the kids have better accessibility to it.   This is off the kitchen across from our overflow bookshelf.

And this one hold Leap Pads. We LOVE Leap Pads!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!
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  1. I love your idea of the maps on your school table where the kids can use dry erase markers on them! Fantastic!

  2. What a fun space filled with everything they might need! Our space looked similar when the kids were younger. Great stations!

  3. Lots of really neat ideas. I especially love the maps under the plastic tablecloth. That is a very cool idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The little desks are almost like stations. If you had little stools to tuck under....hmm. I like that idea!

  5. What a great room. We do school all over the place, too.

  6. The table maps are a great idea!

  7. The maps on the table is such a nice touch.

  8. Great space! Geography is going to be a big focus for us this year & I love what you've done with the maps!

  9. I see that your workboxes are magazine holders, right? I am loving that idea! Your ideas are fabulous. :)

  10. Great space... nice & tidy! :)

  11. Love that found new uses for things you already had!! And the over flowing bookcases make my heart happy!

  12. Very nice! Love the idea to cover the table with the clear vinyl cover.