Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Touch of Lazy

Originally posted on my old wordpress blog Jan. 12, 2011.

Some days I wonder if I have ADD. Or maybe I’m just a touch lazy and wildly disorganized? Either way, I can find creative ways to procrastinate each and every day. In fact, I am procrastinating right now. As I sit and type. As I live and breathe.

Well, no more. Finally at age thirty-mffpfhmh, I’ve declared (silently, to myself, until now) that 2011 is the year I am going to “get it together.” The van will not look like a war zone. The dishes will be done. The laundry room will be a place of refreshment. There will be a hot, fresh meal on the table every night, whether the picky eaters like it or not. The closets will be organized and only hold the things we actually use. The children will learn how to read.

This all sounds like a pile of resolutions, but it’s not. Much like a crash diet is destined to fail, resolutions are usually sincere, but fleeting, thoughts on how I wish I somehow could be better at everything; they generally end up as big ole flops. This time though . . . this time, it’s different. It’s not a resolution. It’s a new way of living. (Yeah, that’s the ticket. That sounded believable.)

So, here we go. Let’s see how I do. First, the laund ooooooooo, shiny . . .

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