Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Tickets, Happy Momma

Originally posted on my old wordpress blog Jan. 20, 2011.

I’m not one to bribe my children. Ok, that’s not true. I find myself bribing them all the time and they love doing things for treats. (Puppies exhibit a similar trait ;o) But if I’m not careful or consistent, the kids tend to morph into greedy little monsters who refuse to act until they are promised some special treasure. And I don’t like having to threaten them to get their work done, obey or get along . . . something I find myself doing all too often as well.

So today, we have started the happy ticket program. Do something good and get a happy ticket. Do something bad and get nothing. Turn in 3 tickets for such things as 1) a chocolate, 2) TV time, 3) a shiny quarter or 4) any kind of small little prize that I think might suit their little fancies.

As of lunchtime, the program is working. My dishwasher is unloaded, everyone is dressed, the dog is watered, no one is fighting or whining and Miriam is sitting down long enough to complete a drawing before running off to do something else. In other words, everyone is HAPPY.

Here is where I got the idea and the pdf for some cute little tickets to print:

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